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Advertising PRICES FOR 60 DAYS

Why should you advertise with us?

Our site has only crypto enthusiasts as visitors and is the perfect place to get new customers and followers. You can see the daily site visits: HERE

Advertising Prices

You can always pay with PayPal (smaller amount) or with tokens.

  • Pop up banner on the front page
  • 1 month = $175 / ❂$195 btc,eth,erc20

  • 300x300 Advertisement in Sidebar (visible on every single Airdrop site)
  • 1 month = $75 / ❂$95 btc,eth,erc20

  • Advertisement above the footer (visible on every single page)
  • 1 month = $100 / ❂$120 btc,eth,erc20

  • Complete project site with all neccessary company infos.
  • Price lifetime = $100 / ❂$120 btc,eth,erc20


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