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Bincentive is a blockchain FinTech company. To understand the extent of transparency and trust our platform offers, please read the excerpts we compiled below.

Bincentive is airdropping 660 BCNT token to their community members. Also invite friends to earn 100 BCNT tokens for each referral.

Steps for Airdrop :

Sign up at Bincentive website and login to the dashboard.

Verify your phone number and email address.

  1. Join to their Telegram Group. (40 BCNT)
  2. Follow them on Twitter and take a screenshot of “Followed” must be in view. (40 BCNT)
  3. Like them on Facebook and take a screenshot of your username and “Liked” must be in view. (40 BCNT)
  4. Subscribe them on Reddit and take a screenshot of “Joined” must be in view.
  5. Submit your details to Airdrop From.
  6. Also invite friends to get 100 BCNT tokens for each referral.

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