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BITCOIN STAR helps with the creation transfer and exchange of customized tokens through the power of blockchain with as little volatility as possible.

Total Supply : 21.000.000 BTCSTAR

BITCOIN STAR is airdropping 10,000,000 Tokens (8900000$), you will also earn 2500 BITCOIN STAR (250$) by referring friends.
If you want to get BITCOIN STAR with referral, ask your referral to enter your Twitter Username here.


1) Follow the official twitter @BitcoinStar_

2) Retweet pinned post and tag 4 friend

3) Twitter tweet this :

‪‪BITCOIN STAR (10,000,000) AIRDROP (1,000,000 TOKENS REFERRAL) #airdrop #bounty #BTC #xrp #freetoken #Crypto #ETH #NEO #Blockchain #ripple #trx #tron #trx #binance #freetoken #airdrops #SCToken‬

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