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Bitdollar Fund⭐⭐⭐  ❂REWARD: 505 CPRO



Bitdollar Fund is also a cryptocurrency community that takes care of its members. Community plays a big part in this fund model, as there is an added collective responsibility to advance the conversation around fundamental analysis for major cryptocurrencies for its own benefit, as well as to provide a relatively safe place for those that are new to cryptocurrencies to get started. It is rated 3.7 0n ICObench.


Bitdollar Fund Airdrop is 505 CPRO tokens worth of $25.25 for simple social media task. Also, invite your friends to earn 15 CPRO tokens for each referral. There are more bounty tasks where you can earn up to 2500 CPRO tokens (~$ 125).

Start chat with Telegram bot.
Join their Telegram Group.
Submit your details and ERC-20 address in bot.
You will earn 40 CPRO tokens.
Click on ‘Bounty List‘ and complete tasks to earn more CPRO tokens.
Initial Bounties with easy social tasks where you can earn 300 CPRO in total.
Monthly Bounties with like/share tasks where you can earn up to 165 CPRO tokens.
Premium Bounties with more difficult tasks where you can earn up to 2500 CPRO tokens.
You must earn up to 200 CPRO tokens in order to receive the rewards.
Also, invite your friends to earn 15 CPRO tokens for each referral.

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