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BOMB TOKEN – one of the best Airdrops ever $1400


Have you participated in BOMB Airdrop from our site?

Every Participant got around 100 BOMB token in the Airdrop for simple steps. CHECK THE ORIGINAL POST

I’ve accidentally missed the big prices in July when BOMB was about $14. This is very sad cause BOMB token is actually only $3 which is still good for a free Airdrop. Isnt it?

Originally you’ve got 100 Token in the Airdrop + extra coins for your Referrals – that was about $1400 in July 2019. WOW! That is definitely one of the best Airdrops ever!

“There was only one Airdrop in the past with a higher value – ONTology Airdrop with 1000 coins. One coin was $13 in July 2018 and the Airdrop was worth around $13000.”

What is BOMB?
Bomb is a social experiment to test the feasibility of a hyper deflationary asset. It has become the world’s first self-destructing currency.

How does BOMB work?
1) 1% of every transaction is destroyed.
2) There was only 1Million BOMB created.
3) There will never be a newly created BOMB.


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