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BountyHunters provide a streamlined platform that facilitates leading social media network and communication channels – including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn, as well as a range of popular blogs and forums. We also allow you to create custom tasks and campaigns. Decide to utilize all influencers, or simply target specific hunters

Increase brand awareness
By using the BountyHunters platform, you have the opportunity to gain access to thousands of people, subsequently allowing you to increase awareness on your project. Moreover, organically accelerate your website traffic, as well as the amount of users that read your social media content

Access more than
35,000 pre-targeted
Get immediate access to over 35,000 social media professionals, who are ready to collaborate and promote your brand, share your news and create original content

Automatic tracking
and payout system
The BountyHunters platform allows you to automatically track the tasks and actions performed by our registered influencers

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