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Free Airdrops / No Scams



Cash2 is a new cryptocurrency with all the useful properties of cash but with added beneficial features.
The goal is for Cash2 to become a mainstream digital money used for day-to-day purchases.

This is the first of the series of Airdrop campaign that will be run. For this round, We are giving 1000 Cash2 to 5000 wallet (early adopters).
Follow the instructions highlighted below to partake in the airdrop campaign


- USE REFERRAL: @bitcoinarchive
- Register on SouthXchange (mandatory)

- Follow Verus Twitter handle (mandatory)

- Retweet our pinned post and tag 5 friends (mandatory)

- Join the Telegram Channel (mandatory)

Join Airdrop Advistor Channel (mandatory)

-There is only one entry for each participant.
- Get referral bonus up to 1000 Cash2 per referral.
- The Airdrop campaign will last for 30 days or when the number of wallet participants is reached

We reserve the right to disqualify any participant if caught cheating on the system as all entries will be properly scrutinized.