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Free Crypto Airdrops




If you completely fulfill all Conditions , you will receive 100 CWN Token with a worth of 20$ and 50 CWN Token worth of 10$ per Referral.

:large_blue_circle:What is the price of 1 CWNT?
:heavy_minus_sign:1 CWNT = $ 0.20
:large_blue_circle:When does the airdrop end?
:heavy_minus_sign:The airdrop will end once all the allocated token 30 million get shared amongst our community.
:large_blue_circle:When are the token going to be distributed?
:heavy_minus_sign:We are opening the Airdrop withdraw every week or every few weeks for a few hours in this time everyone can withdraw his CWNT.
:large_blue_circle:What are the terms for the referral campaign?
:heavy_minus_sign:Each valid referral will be worth 50 CWNT ($10), the referral program does not have a limited number of participants.
:large_blue_circle:What is a valid referral?
:heavy_minus_sign:In order to be counted as a valid referral, the referred person needs to perform all tasks to be counted as a valid referral.
:large_blue_circle:Smart contract :heavy_minus_sign:0xab7b6f7beae1f03a6b2a7f94d1ac332fc9be3410

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