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EGCI is a Waves blockchain based cryptocurrency. EGCI stands for Eggs Crypto Invest. EGCI can be traded at

Eggs Crypto Invest has a new way to invest only by storing EGCI Tokens in a personal wallet and will get income every month.

Only with 100 EGCI can make investments and get income every month.


1. Join Group Telegram
2. Join Sponsor Channel Telegram
3. Follow, Like & Retweet pinned post
4. Like, Follow & Share pinned post Facebook

For each participant will get 100 EGCI.
1 reference gets 25 EGCI.
To fill in the username that invited you, get an additional 5 EGCI. SEE BELOW

❤ REFERRAL: @bitcoinarchive

PLANED AIRDROP END/PAYOUT: Wednesday January 1st, 2020

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