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EGWCAP tokens (ERC20) belong to EGW Capital Inc. (USA), an investment bank focusing on the blockchain based investment and listing transactions. The company is majorly focusing on the Security Token Offerings (STO) / Equity Token Offerings which also covers Asset tokens and Debt tokens.

The company aims to replace traditional IPO’s / stock exchange listings with the STO’s. The company aims to profit from the cash (on the funds mobilized), plus, the portion of tokens it will receive from its clients.

The unique attraction for the EGWCAP token is that the company as per its policy will distribute up to 50% of the tokens received from the clients with its own token holders (EGWCAP token holders) on a specific record date.

All the tokens before they are distributed will be listed on the crypto exchanges which will enhance the liquidity of the distributed tokens.

The regular distribution of the commissions in form of tokens will create a flow of regular dividends.

EGW Capital’s team comprises of highly sophisticated investment and advisory and marketing professionals.

The company is headed by Rahul Kumar who is the CEO of global operations.

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