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Company: (From Cologne/Germany)
Famecoin Dapp/DEXThe Famecoin Dapp is a hybrid decentralized application living on the Ethereum Blockchain that pushes influencers to do what got them the following base in the first place, their passion! Approved influencers who strive to push themselves further in their department are given the opportunity with Famecoin to earn cryptocurrencies doing what they love, without the need of relying completely on third-party companies for branding collaboration opportunities.  Famecoin is a decentralized app that also includes a DEX(decentralized exchange) of influencer designated ERC721 non-fungible tokens living in the Ethereum Blockchain. Every influencer will be distributed unique tokens ranging in amount from 5,000 –99,999 each (per influencer)that represent themselves. The distributed amount will be based on popularity, scraped statistics and overall current Famecoin influencer market. These tokens can then be purchased by investors or fans that back the support of these influencers. This will then proceed to create a supply and demand market of exchangeable tokens between influencers and potential token buyers. Our centralized pricing algorithm will combine the supply and demand weights, as well as daily scraped statistics from public profile growth in social media accounts to create the current price values of each influencer token set. In the case of a striving influencer account combined with a demand of his or her tokens, the price would continuously rise allowing those who invested to trade their tokens for generated profits.


- Joining Telegram Channel (670 FMCO)
- Follow us on twitter (200 FMCO)
- Follow us on facebook (100 FMCO)
- Referrals (150 FMCO) each

Round 1: Bronze Airdrop -> 2 million FMCO Tokens *** STARTING NOW ***
Round 2: Silver Airdrop -> 3 million FMCO Tokens
Round 3: Gold Airdrop -> 5 million FMCO Tokens

Aidrop Dates
The airdrop date is planned for the first of August. It could happen earlier if the max pot of 2 million tokens is reached before August 1st. In this case, we will push the airdrop date forward to reward users quicker for their airdrop contributions!

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