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GOOD Airdrops VS BAD Airdrops


There are so many different Airdrops…

Me personally I’m not a fan of all Airdrops and I don’t share a lot of them. Here is why…


  • There are enough Airdrops with Google surveys and Telegram bots. These Airdrops are mostly legit and you get paid out on your own wallet (as soon they grow you can send them to exchanges and make a nice fiat profit).
  • EtherFlyer / Gleam Airdrops are great too. The Tokens are already listed on EtherFlyer and you get them in your EtherFlyer wallet after a few days (you just need to wait till they gain).


  • Airdrops asking for KYC (i don’t want my passport stored by Chinese companies).
  • Airdrops asking for your Phone number (why in gods name do they need your number?). I share them anyways*
  • Airdrops asking for app download. You maybe get the tokens but they are so low that you can never withdrawal them (no fiat profit possible).
  • Airdrops asking for account creation (same as app downloads – a small number of tokens given and no way to withdrawal them – no fiat profit possible).

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