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GTX Tokens⭐⭐  ❂REWARD: 20 GTX Tokens



GoalTime is a social media and e-commerce industry in the world. The company opened in 09 August 2019. And the purpose of giving this company is to make money. The basic purpose of this company is that everyone can earn money by doing a little work at home. With this objective in mind, GoalTime has launched a Token launch called GoalTimeX or GTX Token. You can earn money by earning this GTX Token. So it can be said that GoalTime is moving towards Crypto-currency through social media and the e-commerce industry. Anyone who wants to buy a share at GoalTime can do business. GoalTime is giving everyone the opportunity to invest money and do business. There is no barrier when everyone works together. Work hard and it gets easier. In this initiative, GoalTime is moving forward.

70 views AIRDROP END/PAYOUT: Wednesday April 15th, 2020 4:35pm


Every user will get 20(~$20) GTX for completed Airdrop tasks and 1 GTX for every valid referral.

Join Telegram Group
(Mandatory: 2.5 GTX)

Join Telegram Channel
(Mandatory: 2.5 GTX)

Join Advertiser Channel.
(Mandatory: 2.5 GTX)

Follow on Twitter & Retweet pinned post.
(Mandatory: 4.5 GTX)

Join Facebook Group.
(Mandatory: 3 GTX)

Subscribe Newsletter on Website
(Mandatory: 5 GTX)



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