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Huck Tokens are digital tokens that have value based on Huck products and services. They can be bought and sold for currency (fiat) and used for transactions on the Huck Reward platform.

Huck is for EVERYONE! No matter if you are an Outdoor Enthusiast, a Content Creator, a Human Verifier, or a Bug Sleuth, there is a place in the Huck Community for you. They need all your skills!

The transactions are fast, verified, legitimate and a great way to invest in the Huck Adventures and its community.

You can either purchase Huck Tokens or earn them by contributing to the Huck Community. Once acquired, Huck Tokens are stored in your Digital Wallet until you want to exchange them for cash OR exclusive Huck products and services.

With HUCK being the FIRST digital token reward system for the outdoor industry we can build our Community while giving you the ability to share what you love to do and be rewarded while doing it!


PLANED END/PAYOUT: Tuesday December 31st, 2019


  1. Visit the Huck Adventures Airdrop page
  2. Sign up with your details and verify  your email. (+200 points)
  3. Complete social tasks and earn more points.
  4. You will get up to 2000 HUCK ($10) tokens for completing all tasks.
  5. Also, earn more points by sharing your referral link.


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