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ICOFY is an ecosystem that brings DLT projects, investors and traders together by providing tools to achieve better result. Consisting of first ever STO/ICO voting dapp for DLT projects, blockchain assets search engine based on artificial intelligence for investors and SatoshiMars artificial intelligence trading algorithm for cryptocurrency traders.

ICOFY Dapp is developed for blockchain startups, ICO/STO to gain accelerated access to the cryptocurrency market and to maximize investment opportunities for investors.

The platform uses POC (proof of community) by projects communities participation in voting process to vote ICO/STO to the top on ICOFY platform and win funding opportunity.

ICOFY Search is a data driven market search engine for investors to research blockchain assets based on price trends on exchanges using transaction data, sentiment analysis and historical price data.

A freemium and premium artificial intelligence algorithm that enables investor to research assets using long short term memory neural network for time series and other deep learning methods.


ICOFY Airdrop is worth 1,200 ICY tokens (~$ 12). Share your referral link to earn 100 ICY tokens (~$ 1) per referral, up to 200 referrals.


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