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“Imperial Rush: Rising Heroes” - is the next generation on-line strategy game based on hybrid blockchain technology where every game asset is stored securely in digital wallet in the form of cryptographically unique token. Every game item belongs to player, and the player alone. Game assets can’t be diminished, removed or replaced without owner’s will.

ImperialRush is airdropping 250 COINS to each airdrop participant. Also invite friends to earn 100 COINS for each referral.  Earn Upto  5000 for every hero reservations.

Steps for Airdrop:

  1. Sign up at Imperial Rush Website and verify your email address. (+100 Coins)
  2. You will get welcome bonus coin. (+100 Coins)
  3. Complete easy social media tasks to earn additional bounty coins.
  4. Earn upto 5000 for every hero reservations.
  5. Also invite friends to earn 100 COINS for each referral.

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