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I’m angry! I’m trying to log in at LATOKEN Exchange for days and nothing works.

I really want to trade RELEX COIN on LATOKEN but their login mechanism always kicks me out and the support is like okay blabla the technic team will fix it… but nothing happens! The login still doesn’t work…


Come on LATOKEN no solution for 3 days? WTF… If my websites login isn’t working it would take me 5 minutes to fix it.

What is this? Crypto companies will tell us that everything is better as fiat money and banks but in the end you are never sure if your money is secure or not. Maybe the website/exchange does an update and every user is kicked out of the system, all the money is lost and no one of the company cares. People just get ripped off and can do nothing. If a bank is robbed you still have your money, if an exchange gets hacked you are the idiot. Just saying…

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