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LIDER #2❂1000 



Lider Token Project & partners organize Airdrop. The budget is 1 million Lider and 2 millions Info. Airdrop will last from 23.07.19 to 31.09.19. Or before total use of airdrop budget. You can learn about our project on the official website


1️⃣ Join to Telegram chat Lider Token, write a post - 70 Lider Token

2️⃣ Join to Telegram channel Lider Token News - 70 Lider Token

3️⃣ Register in BUX - 200 Lider Token

4️⃣ Join to Telegram channel Senticore Technologies (developers of Lider Token) - 70 Lider Token

5️⃣ Register on website H2Ox - 200 Lider Token

6️⃣ Join to Telegram chat H2Ox, write a post - 70 Lider Token

7️⃣ Join to Telegram chat InfoShop, write a post - 100 INFO

8️⃣ Subscribe to Twitter InfoShop, like any tweet - 100 INFO

FOR EVERY ACTIVE REFERRAL YOU WILL RECEIVE - 25 INFO Token (The referral who fulfilled at least 4 tasks is considered active)


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