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The expansion of capitalism is deeply changing the global economic model. This hasn't
stopped with the major institutions and multinationals that have been created,
managed and led through large capitalization; it has exceeded this to become the
standard for all startups and medium projects, even individual ones.
The need for capitalization made businesses directly dependent on conventional
financing: personal resources, banks, capital sales and business angels. The Internet
revolution has enabled project sponsors to implement new ways to raise funds, and a
new concept has been born: crowdfunding.
Crowdfunding is a process generally organized through a website and promoted through
various social networks. It allows entrepreneurs to raise funds for projects by collecting
investments directly from individuals. In return, benefits, discounts or contributions to
share capital are offered. With banks no longer the only masters of funds and capital,
projects are likely to be conducted more freely. In practice, this happens through
platforms or trusted third parties such as Kickstarter, which is responsible for collecting
the funds and guaranteeing the obligations of the various parties.
With the arrival of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, crowdfunding has taken on a new
format: the ICO (Initial Coin Offering). An ICO is a fundraising method that involves
the issuance of tokens on a blockchain independently of a trusted third party. In this
case the buyer does not hold a stake in the company, but a token that will allow him to
use the service once the final product is developed, with the hope that its value will
increase due to demand. This collection has several indisputable risks, however; in
addition to any technical flaws, the company may be incompetent or fictitious. The
project itself is not immune to a future shutdown or bad management.
Loligo is a decentralized launching platform for ICOs that is fair, peer-to-peer and
blockchain-based. Blockchain implements smart contracts permitting a phased release
of funds collected for the ICO while, ​at the same time, a collective right of withdrawal.
The token is both mineable and environmentally friendly, consuming little energy
thanks to dual mining. Miners can sell the tokens on recognized exchanges, and
individuals will be able to use them to participate in fundraising, including those
affiliated with the ICOSafe program. A range of services is available to facilitate
governmental adoption of ICOs. The platform is open source and free.


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