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Free Crypto Airdrops




1, All participants will divide the prize pool of 100,000 tokens. Reward will be given out according to how much points you get during the event. The minimum point for you to be eligible to claim rewards is 100.
2, Get 20 points by “Join telegram group”.
3, Get 80 points by “Follow twitter”.
4, All the task should be finished through
5, Invite participants in the event and finish the“Add a bot”,“Enter TG group”,and “Follow twitter” tasks through the same bot, the inviter can get 20 points as a reward per person.
6, This event uses MarcoPolo wallet to receive reward tokens. You are supposed to download MarcoPolo wallet by
7, All rights reserved by the MarcoPolo team. In case of technical difficulties or intended tempering , the administrators reserve the right to modify or terminate the game in a manner deemed reasonable by the Marcopolo team, in its sole discretion. Any fraud, scam etc. will lead to points cancellation, or may even causes losing qualification for the event.

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