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Mero Currency (MRO) is a community driven decentralized and deflationary crypto-token, operating on the Ethereum blockchain (ERC-20 standard token) which can be used as a currency, a store of value or an investment – or all three, thereof. The most salient feature of Mero Currency (MRO) is its optimum burn rate of 0.001%, after every transaction on the actual blockchain (centralized exchanges are exempt from this criteria, since they run a snapshot of the blockchain, instead of accessing it in real-time). The feature is hard coded into the contract, can’t therefore be modified and automatically sends tokens out of circulation and thus existence, persistently increasing the value of the token caused by the continuous reduction in supply


1. Start Telegram bot.
2. Join Telegram group.
3. Follow them on Twitter.
4. Enter ETH Wallet Adresss and other details to the bot.
5. You will get 30 MRO tokens.
6. You'll receive 1 MRO per referral.


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