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OmniSparx is a Public Benefit Corporation (PBC) whose mission is to support the health and growth of Open Communities so that people anywhere can collaborate and engage and improve their social environments.

OmniSparx is airdropping 2.70 ETH to their community members. Invite more friends to earn ETH,top 10referral will get 1 ETH.


Start chat with Telegram bot.
Join their Telegram group.
Join their Telegram channel. (optional)
Submit your ETH wallet in the bot.
Invite more friends to earn ETH,top 10 referral will get 1 ETH.


  • [simple_icon name="ethereum"]CLAIM:N/A
  • [simple_icon name="quantopian"]TICKER:ETH
  • [simple_icon name="myspace"]REFERRAL:YES
  • [simple_icon name="microsoftaccess"]REFERRAL:@bitcoinarchive

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