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[RECEIVED] PNET EtherFlyer❂500K 


Company Infos

PNET will start airdrop distribution soon Please check your eligibility from the list below If you are in the list, kindly send 0.003 Ether to the contract creator address for gas fees and to prevent fraud accounts 0x902d89bBcb5B2fdD32740D52A724232768ba9cBf

Token Infos

Chain ETH 
Ticker PNET
 Claim 50.000
Profit n.a.


Airdrop End


Airdrop Infos

420 million PNET  is divided into 2 parts: 300million Public Airdrop, 120million Targeted Airdrop to TCASH holders.  300 million Public Airdrop

Token numbers are proportional to your number of entries. Token numbers will be divided equally according to participants' entries. For example: Your number of Entries is 1% / 100%, you will receive 1% of the 300million PNET equal to 3million PNET Tokens.

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