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Propersix exchange is powered by
1. Hot and Cold wallet which secures the wallets on the exchanges and thereby securing the assets on the exchange.
2. We also have crypto to fiat support .
3. Our exchange has more than 6000 tps thereby making it one of a kind in the market.
4. Our six layers of security powered by blockchain based authentication will not only add another security layer for the user but will also make it a very first one which has the most secured 2FA.
5. We not only have hot and cold wallets but our new encryption mechanism further secures the assets from any kind of vulnerabilities that have been encountered in the past by many top leading exchanges.
6. Our trading mechanism which is going to be one of a kind is being made standalone, unique and the very first in the market which is powered by most advanced technology standards,schemes and algorithms with complete bench-marked architecture is the fastest trading engine for the traders thereby giving them the highest trading speed they can get.
7. Our propersix exchange is the very first exchange in the market which has the user customizable trading thereby giving the traders from all around the world to arrange the whole exchange in their own way and carry out the trading with the best user experience and ease.
8. Our exchange is constantly been empowered by much more advanced security layers that no one already has to give the maximum possible security to the users and to give them the full security acknowledgment on their assets and trading.


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