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SFUNDING is a Dapp system that enhances trust by offering a more effective, secure, and transparent solution. It acts as a payment gateway that facilitates P2P transactions, a data-storage and gaming token system. The token can also be used to make cross-border payments. SFUNDING Blockchain provides a decentralized platform for the Internet by using SFU tokens. Its services resolve the current difficulties and eliminate limitations of the Internet by developing a scalable Blockchain structure with minimal costs. The ecosystem will also have its own “digital governance” that gives token holders the right to vote for the benefit of the community.


SFUNDING is an Ethereum-based Dapp system which consists of 4 smart contracts, each with a specific task.

Citizen Contract stores and validates user information Wallet Contract monitors account balance and cash flow from Mining activities. Only Wallet address listed in the contract can operate with it and only the person who created the contract can update this information. SFU contract creates SFU tokens. The total SFU token generated is 210,000,000 Tokens. ReserveFund Contract holds a significant amount of assets to ensure the stability of Token value and sustainable development of the platform.


SFUNDING is an open blockchain platform that allows people to build and use decentralized Blockchain applications. Like Bitcoin, no one controls or owns SFUNDING - this is an open-source project built by individuals around the world. However, the difference between SFUNDING and Bitcoin protocol is that SFUNDING is designed to be adaptable and flexible. It's easy to create new applications on the SFUNDING platform, which could not be achieved with Bitcoin.
The idea of creating a flexible platform comes from a number of programming teams around the world. There are many developers and technology experts who are interested in Bitcoin, proving its huge potential. However, Bitcoin itself still has many limitations. Specifically, many new projects are starting to use the Bitcoin network for other purposes instead of merely trading. Others develop Altcoin with several improvements, yet, lack of completion and practical value.
With the vision of creating a new generation of Blockchain platform, SFUNDING strives to innovate the current technology by improving smart contract, rather than focusing on the cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or Litecoin


The total of 210,000,000 SFU Tokens will be allocated as followings.
• Marketing: 4%
• Founder Team: 5%
• Airdrop: 1%
• Game Dapps Funding : 4%
• Server Expense and IOT collaboration : 3%
• Emergency funding : 3%
• SFU Token Reserve Fund: 80%

Starting price : 0.1 USD



Reward for complete all task is 200 SFU
Reward per invited friends is 50 SFU

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