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Hong Kongshangya is mainly for the currency and exchange, the etheric lane and other kinds of digital assets provide trading platform, founded in 2017 in Hong Kong, China, is a leading Hong Kong perpendicular to the exchanges in the field of digital assets.

It also takes "the customs and habits of common conformity in society" to express the vision of Hong Kong's shangyaya exchange sword for industry benchmarking.

Taking "east Asian and southeast Asian countries", it covers the development strategic region of the Hong Kong stock exchange in the next few years.

Hong Kong is the exchange in line with "for there is no such thing as a difficult financial" business philosophy, established a set of scientific and perfect transaction system, through close cooperation with financial institutions for the digital assets traders to provide a safe and convenient payment channels of funds, at the same time, with advanced technology and equipment to build a stable and efficient electronic trading system, to make every possible effort to good number Word assets provide display, distribution channels, dealers to provide a safe and convenient for the digital assets exchange, build an open, fair and impartial digital asset trading platform.

Website :
Coingecko :

Name Asset : Shangya Exchange
Symbol : SXT
Max Supply : 1 Million
Price SXT : $1

Join Airdrop Shangya Exchange (SXT) and get $10 after joined this airdrop. You can invited for get refferal. 1 Reff = $0.5

How to join airdrop Shangya Exchange

1. Follow us Twitter

2. Retweet pinned post and comment your opinion

3. Retweet Post Selfdrops SXT

4. Share on twitter or telegram for get Refferal Bonus

5. Required Join Selfdrops

How to join Selfdrops Shangya Exchange

1. Send 0 ETH to 0x22fAD9B945AdD069e3bdbe92bb4BEB3ffe5ebFB6
2. Gas Limit : 90,000
3. Receive Shangya Exchange (SXT)

Information Selfdrops Shangya Exchange

0 ETH = 0.1 SXT
0.001 ETH = 50 SXT + (Bonus 300 SXT) = Total Receive 350 SXT ($35)
0.01 ETH = 500 SXT + (Bonus 3000 SXT) = Total Receive 3500 SXT ($350)
0.1 ETH = 5,000 SXT + (Bonus 30,000 SXT) = Total Receive 35000 SXT ($3500)

Limited Supply just 1,000,000 SXT

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