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Thorecash makes crypto-lending and investments accessible to the masses, cuts the red-tape. Thore platform simply aims to interconnect the $1 billion Crypto assest fractured across the world of crypto.

Ethereum & Waves come together to create a blockchain based protocol that will allow investors to lend in any crypto. The ThoreCash network is a blockchain purpose designed for investments. It aims to connect fundraisers to investors with similar goals. And, the use of distributed ledger system ensures permanent record of lending and borrowing interactions on the platform, The good thing about the network is that it eliminates third parties. By doing so, this network helps to cut down the costs that third parties impose on investors. It also means that smaller scale investments can be feasible due to the elimination of third party costs. Since the system is decentralized and public, there is no way to mess around with it. #TCH hopes to connect 1000000 ETH Equivalent to expand the reach of Dual Blockchain technology to create a truly digital environment for Lending/Borrowing & trading blockchain-based financial assets,


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Giveaway 0.1 THR Token (170$)
max 1,000 people per wallet and receive 0.1 THR token

You can increase you Airdrops by referring ( 1 Referral is 0.01 THR token )(17$)

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