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We are Airdropping 5,000 TITAN (~$80) for every person.
You can also earn 500 TITAN (~$8) for every person, that you invited.

This campaign is limited for 10,000 participants.

TITAN, also known as TITAN plan, is a completely decentralized non-profit block-chain smart asset project, and has joined the BAR ecosystem as the second batch of s-level DAPP. TITAN aims to liberate those block-chains and financial projects that short of management and can’t continue, to activate users in the dilemma. The project users who join the plan can carry out the independent and decentralized self-help activities to avoid losses and gain benefits.

TITAN Token currently traded on ZBG.COM:

To join our Airdrop you need:
- Join our Telegram Channel ( and Telegram Chat (
- Follow TITAN Twitter account ( and retweet pinned post with tagging 3 friends (@).
- Like TITAN Facebook page ( and share pinned post.
* Fill out this form.

The distribution will starts after the end of the Airdrop.

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