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XChain is a free Counterparty blockchain explorer which allows users to explore and better understand the Counterparty platform.

Counterparty is a free and open platform that puts powerful financial tools in the hands of everyone with an Internet connection. Counterparty creates a robust and secure marketplace directly on the Bitcoin blockchain, extending Bitcoin's functionality into a full fledged peer-to-peer financial platform.


1:Join our official Telegram group
2.join our official Telegram announcement channel
3:Join our Airdrop Partener's Channel
4:Follow on twitter
5. Retweet our pinned post and tag yours 4 friends
6.follow on medium
7:Subscribe Our Xchain YouTube Channel
8:Fill your details in bot
9:You can get 20(10$)XCN for each referral.
10:Airdrop token will be distributed after round 2 is finished
Note: please refer minimum 2 friends to get XCN by shareing your referral link. We will check all your completed tasks. Unfinished will not get any tokens.

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