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The XUSB project has started. It's the birth of a new digital currency, and XUSB can store the most confidence and value in the Stablecoin, and XUSB is a very stable currency.

Listing of XUSB is easy for it conforms the ERC-20 standard.

XUSB is available on variety of crypto exchanges and can approximately be used as the same value as USD.


MUST USE REFERRAL: @bitcoin_archive

1.) Enter Email

2.) Follow us on twitter

3.) Retweet Pinned tweet and tag 5 friends using : #Cryptocurrency #Blockchain #Bitcoin #Ethereum #Airdrop #Bounty :

4.) Join Telegram

5.) Your Ether Addres


50 XUSB (~ $50 USD) Airdrop Just Community Member 10000 participants. Participate in our exclusive airdrop, complete all required tasks and submit your details to the airdrop form below to receive your free tokens. You can also earn (~$5) for each referral.

XUSB is now listed on Catex




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[simple_icon name="quantopian"]TICKER:XUSB

[simple_icon name="myspace"]REFERRAL:YES


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